Monday, August 20, 2012

So about Hidden Things...

You may remember that I made a post recently about a new book that I'd just read, Hidden Things by Doyce Testerman. If you haven't read that post, go do it now! We'll wait...

Ok, so it seems I've used my copy of the book a LOT during the THREE WHOLE WEEKS that I've owned it. I won't go into why I've used it so much, but suffice to say it was a worthwhile pursuit in my opinion. In any case, I find it amusing that it's suffered so much wear and tear in its short life, so I thought I'd post a few pictures to prove it.

Here's the front cover. Note the wear on the author's name, the S in "Things", and  the dragon's head and neck.

(For comparison, here's what it looked like when it was new.)

Here's the back cover. Most of the wear is just in the middle of the long edge, where I grab it.

And here's a bit of the inside, deliberately blurred to avoid inadvertently giving away sensitive information, but clear enough that I think you can see how much I mark up my books.

In this one spot alone you can see a bracket with some page numbers next to it, an arrow with another page number, a circled word, a little note to myself in the margin and, if you look very carefully, an underlined word. And it's not just this one page, Pretty much the whole book looks like that. (And, to be honest, most of my other books do, too. This is why I'm not interested in electronic media. You just can't do that on a Kindle, folks.)

So yeah. I'm pretty sure if a book's good enough to make me wear it down that fast, you really need to read it too. Yes. You do. Here's the link again. kthxbai. <3

WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?? Go get it, wouldja?! Gosh!

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