Friday, April 27, 2012

Long Live the Queen!

Here's the thing: I reeeeeeaaaaaaaally want Maureen Johnson to be named the Queen of Teen. I want her to have that crown and that throne! She's been shortlisted; now she just needs our votes, and that's where you come in. I want this so much that I'm willing to make it worth your while by staking my own time and energy on it. Here's what I'm offering:

1. Take a screenshot of the voting page with Maureen Johnson's name selected and your first name and email address filled in to the form below the list. (You don't actually have to sign up for the newsletter; this is just a way for me to make sure that the entries are as unique as possible. And yes, I'm aware that I can easily be scammed since I'll have no proof that you clicked Submit after taking the screenshot, but I'm willing to take that risk. I have confidence that most people are basically honest.)

2. Choose a prize below:
  • I will copyedit and format up to 6 pages (5000 words maximum) of text that you have written OR
  • I will write up to 6 pages (5000 words maximum) of non-research-based text on a topic of your choosing OR
  • I will write up to 3 pages (2500 words maximum) of research-based text, PLUS provide properly formatted references in any style you need, on a topic of your choosing
  • I will provide up to 3 hours of tutoring in inorganic chemistry, general physics, general biology, human anatomy, or algebra via Yahoo or Skype (your choice)
3. Tweet/DM me (@theoriginaledi) by midnight CDT (GMT -6:00) on Sunday, 27 April. In your tweet, provide a link where I can view the above screenshot and tell me which prize you want. If you're concerned about the privacy of your email address, I'll be happy to follow you temporarily so you can DM it to me. Just let me know.

4. Some time during the day or evening on Monday, 28 April, I will randomly choose one winner for every 25 entries that I have received. The winner(s) will be announced on Twitter and notified via email.

5. One entry per Twitter account.

IMPORTANT: I mean, you ARE getting this for free, but just in case you're concerned about the quality of my work, you should know that I do freelance writing and editing on a professional basis and I'm a certified teacher in the tutoring areas listed above. I do know what I'm doing here.

Let's do this, people! Could there POSSIBLY BE a more deserving Queen of Teen?? I think not!

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